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The UK Blessing

You may have seen this viral video of over 65 UK churches and groups singing a new song called 'The Blessing,' which is the Aaronic Blessing of Numbers 6 put to music. The video description says these people have 'come together online to sing a blessing over our land,' and many have shared it on social media, highlighting the unity of the church and that lockdown cannot keep the church from singing blessing over the nation.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful song of a Scriptural blessing sung by some talented people. But as the church, we are called to be a prophetic people, to understand the times as the men of Issachar did in 1 Chronicles 12, and to know what to do. At this time, are we to bless the nation?

In Jeremiah 1, we see that in order for God to pour out His blessing on His faithful people, He first must tear down and remove moral and spiritual corruption in the life of His nation. The Aaronic blessing was to be spoken over the people of God, not over an unrepentant, sinful nation. As the church, we cannot declare blessing over an apostate people and expect to not face God's judgement for telling the people what they want to hear.

Because at this time of uncertainty, people want to hear that things are going to be ok, that God will keep us, that God is gracious and will give us peace... who doesn't want to hear this? But the truth is God will not bless an unrighteous nation that is covered with the blood of the innocent, that is made up of immorality and greed and even idolatry within His church.

God is holy. He is offended by the abominable practices that are not only legal but celebrated in our nation. During this time are we not to call people to repentance with the promise of forgiveness, warning people of the consequences if they continue in sin and fail to listen to God's warning? And yet instead we proclaim blessing on the nation that has rejected the righteousness of God in exchange for our own desires.

An article was also published yesterday, which you can access here. The article talks of a 'resurgence of faith' as people 'turn to faith for succour amid uncertainty and despair.' This shows the great opportunity the church has at this time to offer the hope and peace of God to a nation that is searching. But we must tell them the truth, that there is no blessing without first the people humbling themselves before God in repentance, seeking His face and turning from their wicked ways.


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